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Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Auto

Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Auto

Merek: Swellpro
Kode Produk: 000000717
Berat 10.0000 kg
Dimensi 30.0000 x 20.0000 x 30.0000 cm
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Special price:IDR34.300.000
Old price:IDR35.510.000
You save:IDR1.210.000

Swellpro merupakan drone yang diciptakan untuk SAR (Search And Rescue) yang tahan air dengan waktu terbang 20min ++ 5200mAh baterai dan bisa di upgrade dengan jangkauan 1km++ serta tahan air tawar, air hujan, air laut sangat cocok untuk diterbangkan dalam segala cuaca.

The Splash drone 3 Auto is the first fully integrated and modular waterproof drone with 4K camera and 2-axis gimbal. It is primarily designed for taking high-quality photo and video around water and in all kinds of weathers.

1. High precision hover, follow me, mission planning, tap to fly, smart cruising, auto land, auto return to home.
2. 1.4 km control range, 1km image transmision, built in 5" LCD monitor, low battery alert.
3. Standard 16min flight time and can extended with high power battery up to 45mins.
4. Waterproof built in 4K/25 FPS camera, 14MP, 1/2.3 CMOS, 2-Axis gimbal.
5. Splash Drone 3 auto can mount a payload release module for long line fishing and essential lifesaving equipment delivery, with a max payload up to 1kg.
6. New 620kv motors and quick release 1242 carbon fiber propellers for enhanced power and robustness against rough waves.
7. With a durable body and high propulsion system, it is able to work reliably in heavy rain, storms and other rough weather.
8.Splash Drone 3 is 100% waterproof and able to land and float in both fresh and salt water. It is resistant to corrosion from sea water.

Isi paket:
1x Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Auto( Ready To Fly)
1x Remote control dengan built-in 5'' LCD monitor
1x 4K/25FPS camera 14MP 1/2.3 CMOS, with 2-axis gimbal tahan air
1x Baterai remote control
1x baterai drone
1x Balance charger + power cable
1x USB cable
1x Ground station
1x Spare part and controller strap
1x Drone case
4x Propeller
1x Remote control
1x Apps untuk smartphone

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