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Dji Mavic Mini Charging Base - Dji Mavic Mini Charger Original

Dji Mavic Mini Charging Base - Dji Mavic Mini Charger Original

Kode Produk: 000001652
Berat 850.0000 g
Dimensi 0.0000 x 0.0000 x 0.0000 cm
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Special price:IDR399.000
Old price:IDR410.000
You save:IDR11.000

DJI Charging Base Specifications

Product Highlights :

-Mavic Mini Compatibility
-Charging Base
-5 V / 9 V / 12 V Input / Output
-Displays Aircraft

*How to use it charge DJI Mavic Mini?
Step 1: Take out the plastic dome from the charging base.

Step 2: Put your DJI Mavic Mini drone on the charging base directly or take off the Micro USB magnetic little adapter and put the adapter into the Mavic Mini first, the bottom of the Mavic Mini where the Micro USB.

Step 3: Then plug the Magnetic Micro USB cable to the charging base and press the button near the micro USB plug.

Step 4: Now connect the USB charger to an AC power supply (100 -240V,50/60Hz). User a power adapter if necessary.

Step 5: The battery level LEDs of the aircraft display the current battery level during charging. The light ring will pulse when charging. When fully charged or if there's no Mini in the base, the light will stay on.

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