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DJI Inspire 2 - FPV Gimbal Camera (PART13)

DJI Inspire 2 - FPV Gimbal Camera (PART13)

Kode Produk: 000001710
Berat 30.0000 g
Dimensi 0.0000 x 0.0000 x 0.0000 cm
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Special price:IDR2.399.000
Old price:IDR2.450.000
You save:IDR51.000


Replace a damaged first-person view (FPV) camera and its gimbal on the front of an DJI Inspire 2 drone. This small secondary camera allows the operator to view what is in front of the drone regardless of the position of the main camera.

Inspire 2 Spire Part 13
Part Assembly Includes

FPV Camera and Gimbal
Three Mount Screws

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