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- Protect propellers, prevent scratches and breaks - Protect the battery button from accidental..
IDR139.000 IDR99.000
Akaso Brave 7 Action Camera 4k 30FPS 20MP Dual ScreenGaransi Resmi 1 Tahun Akaso IndonesiaFitur Utam..
IDR2.750.000 IDR2.700.000
Fitur Utama :IPX7 Water-Resistant BodyDual Color Screens4K/30FPS & 20MP6-Axis EIS 2.0131FT/40M W..
IDR2.460.000 IDR2.450.000
Akaso V50X V50 X Action Camera 4K 30FPSBarang Baru Original Garansi 1 Tahun100% Satisfaction guarate..
IDR1.699.000 IDR1.599.000
WA : 0822 1022 3040 WEB : www•Gtechdrone•com DJI INSPIRE 1 YAW ARM / DJI ZENMUSE X3 YAW ARM ..
IDR460.000 IDR450.000
- Dimension: 353x267x148mm.- Net Weight: 3.95Kg.- Compatible Battery: TB30 & WB37- Input: 100-24..
IDR14.100.000 IDR13.999.000
The TB30 Intelligent Battery can be self-heated and charged up to 400 cycles. Supports Hot Module Re..
IDR5.510.000 IDR5.399.000
Fly With Confidence Close To ObstaclesThe Circular Scanning Millimeter-Wave (CSM) Radar is a bolt-on..
IDR13.150.000 IDR13.049.000
The DJI Smart Remote Control Enterprise has an ultra-bright 5.5 inch 1080p display. The remote contr..
IDR15.100.000 IDR149.990.000
MATRICE 300 SERIES-PART06-BS60 Intelligent Battery StationUsing BS60 Intelligent Battery Station220V..
IDR15.100.000 IDR14.999.000
Barang Ready Stok & Untuk harga Resmi nya bisa Hubungin No Di Bawah Ini ya .Wa : 0811 6588 898Ke..
WEB : www•Gtechdrone•com   Fast-fold Landing Pad D110CM LANDING PAD UNIVERSAL DI..
IDR450.000 IDR390.000
Compatible:-DJI Mavic 2 Pro-DJI Mavic 2 Zoom-DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise-DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual-DJI ..
IDR240.000 IDR230.000
Combo Bag Specifications:Name: Fly More Bag/ Cine Premium BagModel: M3-B327/M3-B328Applicable models..
IDR490.000 IDR480.000
Thanks to the higher capacity Intelligent Flight Batteries and the new propulsion system, Mavic 3 pr..
IDR4.100.000 IDR3.999.000
Untuk DJI Mavic 3 Landing Gear Meningkatkan Tripod Extension Protector Meningkatkan Tinggi Badan Pes..
IDR190.000 IDR155.000
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