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Alientech Pro 5.8G Antena Signal Boster

Alientech Pro 5.8G Antena Signal Boster

Kode Produk: 000001116
Berat 300.0000 g
Dimensi 20.0000 x 20.0000 x 20.0000 cm
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Special price:IDR6.990.000
Old price:IDR7.500.000
You save:IDR510.000
The ALENTECH PLUS are suitable for most DJI products that which include: DJI SPARK / MAVIC PRO / Mavic 2 pro/ mavic air and more than including transmit power is 5.8G products.
We believe ALENTECH Signal Booster Plus amid makes an edge tool for your drones that Anti interference and stable transmission and secure flight protection. controllable distance of more than 10 kilometers. 100% do not damage your remote control installation also pluy and play. Battery can be replaced at any time, full of electricity, can work continuously for more than 5 hours.
Product specifications:
work frequency band: 5.8Ghz
working voltage: 7.5V
Receive gain: 10dB 1
Transmit gain: 15dB 1
input power range: 3 ~ 20dBm
Maximum output power (P1dB): 4W (36dBm)
EVM: 3% @ 28dBm 802.11g 54Mbps OFDM 64QAM BW 20MHz
operating current: 435mA @ Pout 28dBm 9V
noise figure: 2.5dB
transmission delay: 1us
Operating temperature: -40 ~ 80

COMPTIBEL : dji mavic pro , dji mavic pro 2 , dji mavic air & dji spark

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