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Dji Phantom 4 - Dji Inspire - Dji Matrice Cable Pigtail For Alientech

Dji Phantom 4 - Dji Inspire - Dji Matrice Cable Pigtail For Alientech

Merek: Alientech
Kode Produk: 000001923
Berat 200.0000 g
Dimensi 0.0000 x 0.0000 x 0.0000 cm
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Special price:IDR399.000
Old price:IDR420.000
You save:IDR21.000

1.Application: Suitable for Dji Phantom 4 / Dji Inspire / Dji Matrice remote control.
2.Operating frequency band: range is 30Mhz-6Ghz, 2.4G-6G attenuation: 0.021dB-0.036dB, rate: 85% impedance: 50(OM)
3.Note: Users need to be careful that the outer insulation layer and shielding metal layer of the coaxial cable are intact. Do not damage or fold the cable during the installation process, otherwise it will cause the signal attenuation to increase, which will eventually affect the use effect. If the connector is loose or disconnected, please discard it directly. Do not try to repair it. Please replace the brand new cable.
4, Note: Please pay attention before the order. You need to disassemble the original remote and remove the original antenna before you install the cable. In theory, although the installation process is non-destructive installation. However, you still have the risk of damaging the original remote control and losing the warranty for the remote control or drone.

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